Office Interiors To Boost Productivity & Morale

As the majority of workers across the UK transition to the hybrid of part time office and part time working from home, many businesses are starting to re-evaluate the culture of their company and what coming back to the office really means.

It’s been well documented that employees that have spent extensive time of 100% remote working have been at higher risk of suffering from WFH burnout, caused by working longer hours paired with being in uninspiring, secluded environments – and it has been a challenge for employers to re-engage staff upon the office return.

Addressing the challenge is a start, but how can you help overcome it? Discover our innovative ways that you can revamp your office with creative graphics to help reignite motivation and productivity…

Why workplace design is a good investment

For many businesses, particularly during the last year and a half, budget has been reserved for investments into sales, marketing, or brand strategy. Although these variables are vital to driving growth, the success of a company ultimately comes from within, reliant on motivated workers who can deliver.

It’s been long proven that work environment can greatly impact focus, engagement, and overall productivity. So investing into the office environment to help workers to perform their best in is a smart move…

Here’s how…

Make strategic use of colour

Colour is not only a key element for a company branding but using it within the office will reinforce your branding and improve staff productivity.

The link between colour and mood has been well documented, credited in both marketing and the workplace, even leading the way for chromotherapy (a method of holistic therapy that uses colour to influence mood).

Incorporating your brand colours into your office interior will help create an environment that staff are more likely to thrive and perform better in.
Blue is representative of logic, communication, and efficiency, making it a dominant colour for corporate, tech or IT organisations, whilst yellow is thought to stimulate creativity and innovation, often associated with design and media industries.
The Desk create bespoke vinyl graphics that can be used on walls, flooring, and any other conceivable surface, to align with your brand culture and offer a more stimulating environment for employees.
Discover how we can elevate your office interior here

Create a focus wall

Bare, empty walls, especially in industries that require a high level of creativity from workers isn’t ideal for fresh ideas or imaginative thinking.

Creating a focus wall which highlights your company values, key messages and even staff accomplishments is a creative way to enforce feelings of inclusivity and help bring the team together.
This can engage employees to adopt a similar way of thinking that aligns with your company values, which will in turn, influence a consistent standard of work to be produced.

The Desk supply bespoke wall decals to enforce key positive messages for your office interior. Take a look at our portfolio of work here

Themed coffee and break areas

Making use of your office space to establish the line between work and rest is another way to enhance productivity and help prevent fatigue.

Encourage staff to step away from their desk during lunch break by creating designated areas to rest in. This can be achieved through using vinyl signages, wall typography and creative graphics.

Not only does spending break time in the same environment as work blur the line between productivity and rest, but having designated areas in your office will encourage social interactions, which has been greatly missed out on during the WFH period.

The Desk create and install bespoke branding solutions, including signage, decals and graphics to revamp office walls, floors and windows.

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