Top film, TV and event print jobs of 2019

We may now be well into 2020 and already working on some exciting projects, but we wanted to take a moment to reflect on the vibrant colours, designs and unusual large format canvasses in the last year. We were busy as ever providing custom and large scale print for film, TV and live events - but a few projects stand out, so here's a rundown on The Desk's top print jobs across film, TV and events in 2019.

1. Colour My Summer: Cardinal Place Stairs & Nova Benches

Predicting the weather in the UK is about as easy as predicting the winning lottery numbers. We didn't want to take a chance on a lack of summer this year so we thought we would bring a tropical infused makeover to London. Part of the‚ 'Colour my Summer' takeover as part of the country's Pride celebrations, dashes of colour were carefully positioned to give Londoners something to smile about ahead of the lighter sunny evenings.

2. Warburton advert: printing a mug for Robert De Niro

warburtons advert
Photo: Gary Salter/Warburtons/PA

While Robert De Niro may have appeared in Joker and The Irishman, two of the standout films of 2019, it's his role in Warburton's bagel advert that deserves performance of the year. We were particularly proud to see him drink out of a mug printed by us, emblazoned with "I [heart] BLTN" as an ode to the bakery's head office in Bolton. Especially as - amid the orange suit, sunny glaze of the bagels and golden decor - it stood out in the frame. Not only did we print that beautiful mug (for a beautiful mug), we also printed the newspaper, bus graphics and good bagels stickers. You can watch the ad and spot our printed wares right here:

3. Antanddec go big for Santander

Some of you may remember this ad last year with Ant and Dec for Santander. To make their new fake brand Antanddec as authentically funny as possible they needed some brand print, and we were happy to step in. You can watch the ad below:

4. The White War: Art piece in Italy

A white war in Italy

In an isolated bus stop in the mountainous region of the Pollino National Park, Basilicata, Italy lies an art installation by British artist Sarah Kogan, created for the conclusion of the First World War centenary and as part of Kogan's four-year project, Changing the Landscape. Working with the artist, we printed the large-format First World War photograph, The White War/La Guerra Bianca (1916), depicting the Italian Alpinitroops, who were conscripted from Basilicata between 1915 and 1918. The installation is curated by Stephen Nelson for Museo d'Arte Contemporanea di Cogliandrino(MACC), a non-profit artist-run space in Basilicata, southern Italy.

5. TellyFest: Freesat advertising campaign

For their TellyFest campaign Freesat needed several branded print elements to help give the environment a "festival" vibe. We printed all of the backgrounds, pop-up banners and backdrops, welcome signs, the map and the "today's special board". See if you can spot them all in the advert below:

Looking forward to what 2020 will bring

As we continue to work our way across the seemingly futuristic threshold of 2020, we look forward to the next round of events, productions and print requests. Last year, our products were unexpectedly found in the hands of Robert De Niro himself, so who knows what crazy opportunities the next year will bring!