Transform Your Business With Creative Branding

Part of what makes some of the most iconic brands on the market today is not about the product or service that they deliver; it’s the brand that they have built.
Branding is the key element to any business and doesn’t just apply to or benefit the big players.

Whether you’re a large or small organisation, and regardless of which sector - establishing your brand identity is vital to differentiating yourself from your competitors and being memorable to your audience.

So how can you establish your brand identity further?

Re-vamp your office Interior

The colours that represent your business are highly important to how people perceive and position you in the market. Colour plays a huge part in brand recognition and should be enforced! Instead of just applying it to your logo or website, creating an office space that incorporates your colour scheme will go that extra mile to ensure that your branding covers all areas of your business.
The Desk create a broad range of coloured vinyl graphics to represent the individuality of your business and set you apart from the crowd.

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Communicate your key messages through typography

Branding isn’t just about colours and quirky graphics, it’s about the messages that you promote to your audience and strive to instil in your workforce. Don’t forget that your employees each all act as an extension of your business, so re-enforcing what you stand for, and the values you practice will influence them to communicate in a likely manner to their inner networking group.
There is no better way to do this than re-iterating your value proposition and key messages throughout wall typography, so that on a daily basis – everybody is reminded of what they are working towards and what they are a part of!

Enhance your office Exterior

Despite the rise in flexible and remote working, the office remains as a central meeting point, and is an opportunity to establish your presence in the local community.
Chances are, there will be people walking past or driving past every day… and if you have a branded exterior, you are far more likely to be noticed and remembered.
Branding the exterior to your building is perhaps one of the most effortless and effective marketing tactics, as it will market your business around the clock, regardless of if the building is vacant.
From windows and signages, to wall graphics and decals, The Desk are experts in consulting and delivering all the creative solutions you need to revamp your office exterior.

Creativity is Key

You don’t have to be a design agency to capitalise on creativity. There is one thing that people all have in common – and that is a response to creativity.
When people are seeking out your product or service, they rarely just want the product that you are offering. What they desire is to buy into an idea, an exciting concept and something original.

Communicating this through a creative visual identity if one of the most effective ways to achieve this. A prime example of a brand which has benefited from this strategy is Headspace, a sleep meditation app, who communicate the notion of anti-stress and mindfulness through a series of cheery, colourful and minimal graphics.

Whichever idea you strive to sell, The Desk have you covered. Get in contact with us here to discuss your needs.

What are the benefits of a branded office?

Make your employees feel inclusive

Placing your employees in a working environment that re-enforces your brand identity throughout your logo, values, and colour scheme will boost productivity by making them feel inclusive and part of the company, rather than an individual worker. One of the many reasons for a high staff turnover within a company is not meeting a worker’s desire to feel included and part of the bigger picture.
Making all employees feel included will in turn inspire work to be delivered at standard which consistently aligns with your brand.

Make a strong first impression to visitors

First impressions count, and whoever steps foot in your office, potential client or not, will remember you if your interior is something out of the ordinary. If you are an industry in an oversaturated market, and you struggle to be remembered by the people that you encounter, then branding should be a priority.

Lastly, don’t leave your brand behind when you leave the office

Your brand identity doesn’t need to be confined to the office. Networking and making connections are important to every business yet relying solely on the benefits of your products or services to get your name out there is not enough to stand out.

With a branded exhibition, there is no reason to be missed. Read our recent blog to discover 6 ways to stand out at your next event.

The Desk supply a broad range of graphics and displays and have worked on a multitude of high-end projects to bring concepts to life.

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