Events are back! Top ways to transform your trade show event

As Zoom phases out, and real-life interactions return, there has never been a better time than now for businesses to get their name back out there…

Tradeshow events provide a valuable opportunity to network with other industry professionals, assess competitors, and most importantly, advertise your brand to fresh eyes and boost sales.

So how do you make your event stand out from the crowd? Read our top ideas to consider…

A creative backdrop

A boring backdrop can easily make your stand go unnoticed, and there’s no better way to stand out than by having a colourful, eye catching backdrop to get the attention of your audience. Instead of restricting your display to just showcase your logo and brand name, opting for creative and scenic graphics to convey your brand philosophy will draw more people towards it.

There are numerous ways to get creative with your brand display – one of the most effective being to focus on visually telling your brand story.

How can you achieve this?... Brainstorm or mind map what your company represents, what it means to your customers, where your company originated from and where you stand differently in the market.

By using this information, you can create a backdrop that is truly unique and representative of your brands individuality with the use of text, graphics, patterns and colours.

Quirky floor graphics

Floor graphics are a great way to utilise space effectively. It can make your booth feel more inclusive and is an added opportunity to get your messaging across, by promoting your products, services or brand messaging without taking up any extra room.
As posters and signages can often go overlooked, flooring is more effective at grabbing the attention of your audience, and they will more likely be caught off guard by it.

If you are considering using floor graphics for your event, we recommend choosing colours and fonts that align with your company branding.

Remember that your audience’s attention span is always less than you think, and if they are looking down at the floor especially, they need content that they can process fast.

Using minimal text, clear fonts and simple graphics will be more effective at retaining attention.

Furthermore, you can also use floor graphics to provide directions and guide people where to go next, encouraging them to move around your booth.

Use free standing display units

Lastly, highlight your key products and maximise brand impact with a FSDU. Often made from cardboard, these 3D boards are designed to increase sales of a specific product whilst also getting across your brand identity.
FSDU’s work especially well in retail stores, as the graphics on them make the products look more appealing, so using one for your trade show event is a must.

The benefits of using these at your exhibition is that they are lightweight, portable and easy to move around.

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