Which office wall and floor graphics are right for you?

Now that you've established if it's worth it or not for your business, here's a few ways you can now apply them in practice.

In our recent blog on branded office interior design, we talked about the impact a good office interior can have on how your employees feel and perform at work. If you're currently going through the process of designing your office space or making a few changes to an existing one, then you're probably wondering whether wall and floor graphics are a good idea - and how best to utilise these spaces for something that promotes innovation, inspiration and interaction.

There are a number of options for you, from a simple decal of your company logo to something more creative - here's how to work out which one's right for you.

1. Logos


One of the most common ways to use wall graphics are in the lobby or reception of office buildings, as an initial introduction to the company. Often, businesses will opt for their company logo to be displayed to represent their brand and offer a good first impression to any guests. Plus, it helps strengthen the identity of your company.

2. Artwork

Forget wallpaper that fades, tires and is difficult to remove. Creative wall stickers look fresher, have a great shelf life and are easy to apply too! Maybe you want to have a bright, unique pattern on the wall, or perhaps a map of the areas that you operate in - whatever takes your fancy, you needn't worry too much as when you get bored you can just replace it, allowing you to keep your look updated and fresh.

3. Exterior

building exterior

Whether you've already decorated your office interior, or it's less realistic to due to space constraints or your desired layout, why not opt for something that makes a real impression on the outside? Having an exterior which reflects your brand is really exciting and has the power to welcome visitors upon arrival. External designs and logos are full of impact, so if you really want to draw attention to your brand - this is the way to do it.

4. Writing

Writing on the walls can  add a personal touch to your brand and the building. As with artwork, these can be easily applied and replaced, so your wall graphics can change and evolve as your company does. A great idea is having motivational quotes, company milestones or your brand's ethos on the wall in order to keep employees motivated and engaged.

5. Colour

Separate departments, social areas or meeting rooms with pops of colour or something striking to really highlight areas you think need more focus. This can be great for company culture, as it can provide a cosy contrast in a kitchen or break space, or can help provide stimulation on a central meeting desk or room.

coloured graphics

Ready to invest in wall and floor graphics for your space? 

Are wall and floor graphics worth it? We think so. They're one of the quickest and easiest ways to boost the look of your office at low cost and risk. If you're ready to invest then you can find out more about how to get started with your floor and wall graphics or get in touch if you have any questions.